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How to Get Paid for What You Know (with Chris Williams)


Every once in awhile you meet someone who you know will become a friend for life. Chris Williams is one of those people for me. Chris shares how you can get paid for what you know by creating your own coaching and/or mastermind community. His genuine nature shines through as he reveals his heart behind why he does what he does. Chris is passionate about helping people and is a solid person for you to connect with if you have every thought about sharing your knowledge with others. Learn more about how Chris can help you at his website:

Welcome to the experts speak podcast with Michael Delan. Each episode features a leading expert who shares helpful insights, practical tips and memorable stories that will inspire you, educate you and help you enjoy more success, freedom and purpose in your life. For the next few minutes, enjoyed listening to experts speak with Michael Delan and welcome to another episode of experts speak on Michael Dlan. And today I am talking with Chris Williams. Now, now, Chris is A. Well, Chris, first one before I tell everybody who you are and what you doing while you're here. Thanks for being on my podcast, Michael. Oh my gosh, dude, this is like the coolest thing ever, best day of my life so far today court to exactly. I love it. Well, Chris is A. Yeah, I mean I like Chris for lots of reasons. He and I met, I don't know, a few months ago and have connected. He's a family man, is a five kids, he's an entrepreneur, a business growth coach and just a super nice guy that I thought my audience should get to know. So we want to talk about Chris. Chris, what you do? You run, I mean you've run multiple companies, but right now one of your focuses is helping business owners launch a high ticket mastermind. You got a step by step plan and I know some of my listeners probably don't even know what that is. I talked about my master mind a lot because I'm in two or three master my groups. They've been phenomenally helpful for me as a business owner. But explain a little bit before we get there, of who you are and in your background, right, how did you get to this place of helping other business owners? List do that first, okay, how do you? How do you get here? Yeah, that's really, I can think, a great place to start, because I'm just an entrepreneur like everybody else. I get distracted by a lot of things. I have a million good ideas and every now and the one of them works right. And I have a team that I think they like me, but a while back I think they're pretty much just annoyed with me because I couldn't stay on task. So what I well they ultimately began to do was, and this is what I read, I read this book called for our work week by Tim Ferris. Most of us have the book probably somewhere in the dust pile in the corner of the office. Right. But Tim lays out this idea of what if you could be super efficient, work a lot less and actually get a lot more done. Just systems and teams, right, super straightforward. We all heard of before. What I decided to do was do what he said to do. Crazy idea. Oh, I got it all, Mi. I went from fourteen hour days down to four our days in about four months. Lot of fours in there. Fourteen hour days down to, for our, four our days and about four months. And that four month period time my income tripled. Wow, and I wasn't trying to grow the income, I was just trying to get my life back because, you know, working five six hour days a power six hours a week, with those long hours, as you said, five kids, they were younger than I, was missing out. Yeah, I was destroying my health, Jillini's relationship and I was missing the kids. And ask not while we're here. Amen. So I started dialing it in and focusing on efficiency. So every day I took my phone holding for those of you who are watching, you see it, for though you listening. I'm holding my phone. I still have many of these things on my phone. I set an alarm for twenty minutes earlier every day, starting at nine PM. My my current get home time was about nine pm every day. Okay, so at eight hundred and fifty the next day after I decided it is forty. Sorry, twenty minutes early. Forty, I had to be in the door in the kitchen, laptop and cell phone down, like all there, all there, present. Well's the alarm goes off. If the alarm went off and I was still on the phone or not home or whatever, not present. Every minute after that alarm, anybody in the kitchen waiting on me got a dollar per minute while they're waiting. Oh Wow, so it's..., Jill, five kids, so six of them were getting a dollar mint. So six bucks an hour, about fourhundred bucks in our six. Yeah, four dollars in our six dollars. Men. I lost the bet twice and every day twenty minutes earlier, every day, five days a week, twenty minutes earlier that. That gave me one of two things. You either gave me the forced wall. I remember on like what Star Wars movie is it? We're like Luke Skywalker and Hans solar like falling this trash pit in the walls are squishing in on them. Yeah, yeah, that was the timer for me. The walls are squishing in, and I realized I was putting something in place that was keeping me accountable to be the businessperson I wanted to be. And if I missed the accountability, my family one. They were the kids were quite happy to make the money. They're like, can dad be late today because I got I got some what about? But it was it was giving me accountability, it was keep me focus on the right things. And I think the other thing it did for me is every day when I got to work, I was approaching every day differently. I was like, okay, I got twenty minutes less today than I did yesterday. I got to stop doing something to get twenty minutes back, or I got to delegate something or I got to build a system that can handle something. Yeah, and I kept doing it over and over and over again, and my income went up and my time went down. That's what got me, first to answer your original question, not just into successful lanes as an entrepreneur because I was being smarter. Yeah, but it got me in a space where people all of a sudden started saying, Chris, how do you do that. And that's when I realized, oh my gosh, I should quit doing the thing and start selling what I know how to do what? And that's when it all saidn't change for me to make sense, to stop doing the thing and start selling what I know how to do. Okay, now that that that's yes, and I'm processing and pondering because I want everybody, I want that to sink into everybody because as business owners, going back to the emith Michael Gerber right, we're tacticians. I got into financial planning because I'm a financial plan I got into being an attorney because I went to law school. And what you're just saying is great, perfect that, but stop doing that. Have that delegated, have other people running that. You go teach other attorneys to live the life that you've lived, how to systematize your business. Right, Oh, absolutely, so you can make it a I've got lots of friends from my next tour neighbor I'm in. I'm in a recording studio. For those of you just listening not watching, I have a recording studio built in our house. The Wall behind me backs up to my neighbor's house. He's a patent attorney extremely successful. He would make more money by teaching other attorneys how to have the success he's had then he ever can by reading and dealing with patents all day. Yeah, and I'm sure his hourly rate is through the roof because he's good. But even with that, it's scaled to his capacity. Yes, he is. He is still trading time for money. MMM, even if his rates six hundre undred dollars an hour, it that he has limited time. Yeah, what you teach is how to really multiply time through what we would call a group coaching program or a mastermind program. That seriously, any successful Entrepreneur Coet it right? Oh yeah, it's so easy, and that's what kind of blew my mind. So I'd I'd figured out. Here's kind of how it happened. I figured out, okay, I was running. By the way, I'd run a financial advisory Wealth Management Firm. I sold that in two thousand and eleven. That springboarded me into my real interest, which was marketing and building out marketing engines for company. So I started working in lots of different ICHES, but ultimately we doubted into surgeons and subspecialties would cash pay patients that's irrelevant, but it's it's what I was doing. That's when I realized how to go...

...from fourteen hour days down to four hour days when I was working in that business. Okay, here's what I also found out. I got I got all this time on my hands. We spend a couple of years just chilling. We were traveling a bunch of the kids. I was living a semi retired lifestyle. And then after a few years, where entrepreneurs you get bored, you want to do something else, and I was just kind of like, people keep asking me, not how did I market successfully for surgeons. They didn't even ask me how did I go get surgery clients. They asked me, how are you working so little and living the lifestyle you're living? Yeah, and that's when I realized, okay, what they want from me is not how I built a marketing company. They want how did you get efficient and and then I started trying to sell that knowledge base. It took a while, a lot of trailing or we can talk about that, what not to do, what to do, but ultimately, the knowledge base that each of you have, it could be that somebody else wants to learn how to build the same exact business model you've built. You can teach them how to do it. It could be that there's something in your professional skill set that's not really connected to your profession. It's just part of who you are and what you've developed, and that's what they want. Like, for instance, severe, a financial advisor, used to be one of those. The speaking, communicating, selling empathizing skill set is extremely important. You could teach that if you're good at it and can break that down in two steps. You don't have to teach how to set up your own financial planning shop. Yeah, lots of things there for you to figure out what you what are you going to teach? What are you passionate about? Well, and they're on. That's it right there. What's your sweet spot? Right, one of my one of my marketing mentors, did a memo of the other day that I was listening to. He says I always hit home runs because I never swing at a pitch that I'm going to miss because, and I thought the brilliant right, you don't have to do or teach what you're not great at. You know, I applied all the time. Asking to me, Michael, we need to do some social media stuff. Can you help us do social media stuff? I was absolutely not. I don't know anything, not it. Don't want to. I know some people who can help you. I've learned there's a stay in my lane. Yeah, that's exactly what you're talking about, right. They're staying. You're like teach what you do best and it. That might be a slice, it could be the whole in Jolana. Doesn't matter, right. Yeah, one of the one of the things, though, is that imposter syndrome is that I don't have enough. Who's going to listen to me? What right? And you don't have to be a thousand steps ahead of the people. You need to be one or two steps really, at the end of the day, right. That's so true. If I was learning how to Michael, can I use your background wall as an example? Absolutely, Can. I can. I can. I can. I break the secret for everybody. You can. Are you sure? I mean, oh my gosh, okay, guys, look, look, we're just going to pause here. I need Michael to sign this little waiver nondisclosure. Okay, we're back, folks. The Wall behind Michael isn't real brick, it's a foe brick finish. I just learned that the other day when Michael was kind enough to speak to my audience and help them figure out how the world can they get their knowledge into a book as a as a calling card to make their business connections like super sticky and rapidly successful. Like Michael, best conversation. Thank you so much, but I learned about his wall back there now. Imposter Syndrome. I don't know, like I don't even know where to buy that break finish. I can't tell if it's hand painted or if it came in a pattern or if it came in eight by four sheets. I don't know. If I was going to do that, I would be calling Michael and saying Hey, Michael, I'm thinking about it, putting a cool finish like that in my studio. How do I do it? Now Michael could say, look, dude, I...

...don't own lows or home depot. I can't be I'm an imposture, I can't help you. or He could says easy, man, you just measure the height and the width and you again to this website and they shipped it to me and it took me like four hours. He's not an imposture. He knows more than me. That's all that matters, because there is always somebody who wants to step up one place to where you are, or maybe ten places. But the real truth of it is most of it in our lane of expertise. Most of US know ninety nine percent more than the rest of the world will ever know about that topic, and and they know ninety nine percent more about stuff that you will never know about. You're not an imposture. You've gone to the blood, sweat and tears figure something mount. You've watched all the Youtubes, you've read all the books, you listen to the podcast, you got the certification doing ever, you have the real deal. Help help someone up one level, I guess. Michael, I mean you're obviously from me. With the ever I like mentoring, discipleship, whatever conversation you want to flavor it under. There's always somebody above me, in marriage and business, in health and fitness, in mental mindset, spirituality, whatever, is always somebody I can learn from. There's always somebody who can learn from me. Right, you're just simply finding your place in that that never ending scale and owning that spot and saying, how can I look down stream and bring everybody up here with me? HMM, that's it. That's awesome. That's awesome. In one thing that out that I'll put in here is, as you go down this road and this this was like real game changer for me a few years ago. It was a it was also it came to me in spades, Chris, when I hit your website, because you got a video on your website, and the word that I used to describe you is genuine. When I listen to you on that video on your website, you drew me in. I said, I like this guy, and you weren't trying to sell me. You weren't trying to you were just talking with me and I thought that is so cool. So, as as a business owner, as you find your your sweet spot and you want to teach others, my council is be genuine. Don't. Don't look around at the Tony Robins of the world are or who as aid. How do you give you like that? None, you do. You need be yourself, because that's what's going to magnetize people to you. That what you found. It's so true and in fact I used to it when I first started doing this, the mastermind thing, like it first started trying to teach my own mastermind to tell people learn how to be efficient their businesses. By the way, we don't teach that master moneymore it's generations ago, and that you'll be okay with that. You'll change and you'll grow, be genuine, you'll find your spot and you'll find the next bout in the next bout, the next buck. The market will guide you. But when I first started teaching this thing, I I thought, because I had read the for our work week, I thought, Oh, I need to be like a ten ferrest type in order to teach this material. Now I found a few other efficiency and stabbing experts out there who were just crashing it and I was like, I got to be like them. And for five years I I messed up. I kept producing content and models and e courses and ebooks and video series and I spent Michael over a Hundredzero in just adds alone over five years with five different products and services. We sold one twozero product in five years. There you yeah, the person never even logged in, they bought it and that was it. I think it was Jill, who is just feeling bad for me, and used it. And then finally I was in a mastermind that I was a student of. Paid thirtyzero bucks to be in a room. We were there for four sessions over the course of a year for weekends. You had like s income statements to actually be in the room. Was a...

...really cool set up. They did a great job screen the people and I was there to say how do I crack the coat on selling my information? Yeah, eighty percent of the people in the room were doing extremely well with eat courses and they all like, Chris, do you have a mastermind? was like no, I'm doing e courses like you guys are doing. Like no, we all started with master minds. Dude, you you're doing it backwards, sounds like, but the e course is cheaper. It's like the front end of the phone. And they buy up to the big thing, right, and they're like no, dude, go out there, find out who wants to know what you want to learn, ask him how much the way to pay for it. Put a group of five or ten people together and start and then record all that and you got any course and you got paid to do it. I was like so, seven weeks later I had my first master mind. Like I was like, okay, I'll try it and sure enough. Wow, yeah, but again, did you catch that? He imblemented what they told him right. I mean you you get, I get all time, failure to implement right, you've got to pull the trigger. One of my clients has a phrase that I love. She says done beats perfect every time, every time, and I'm sure that you're when you first tried it it wasn't perfect. They don't know you figured it out over and over right. First, master mind, we didn't have a logo, we didn't have a website, we didn't have curriculum. I had no idea what I was teaching on week three of twelve. I just simply knew that people wanted this transformation. I had walked down that path and if I was committed, I could take ten people through the process and I knew I could build templates and spreadsheets and content a week ahead of them every time. It's all you need. That's all I needed and oh my gosh, they loved it. I loved it and it worked. Yeah, and that's a key right there, for for mastermind's put all of businesses is sell it before you build it. Really yes, you many times we spend time of Oh, I don't have a logo. I can't do anything without a logo. They won't buy from shut up. They're there for the content. That there for you. They're there for community, as when I love you know your website. Group coach nation, is a community. You've got different levels you you help people step by step approach to to make this thing happen, and I love which said earlier. I mean they're different kinds of master minds and in a lot of people aren't real sure what it is. But you can do it online, you could do it in person, you could do some kind of hybrid of I mean it's yeah, and that's the thing I love about about you and what you've got going on is you help people who are thinking about it to have a community where dialog can happen, for them to get clarity, and then you have a step by step plans they could now that you know what you think you want to do, here's how you here's how you make it happen. It's so true. Let's just define what a master mind is real quick. Let's just get that out of the way. Thanks for bringing that up. We say group coach nation because a lot of people think of as group coaching a mastermind is as an athletic team. My kids have been on the cheer team. Your kids might have been in the football the soccer team, the basketball team, whatever. You got a coach and you got a collection five hundred and ten, twenty other people who are committed to getting to the same place. They want a certain transformation, they want to win a certain goal. What's important is the coach has to be able to guide the team to the process. The team has to be carefully selected so that they'll work together and be able to share in the experience and lift each other up and accomplished together. And then you just simply set a timeline and a transformation. We're here to accomplish this. We've carefully selected you five, ten or twenty people and let's start going. Everybody keeps accountable in their workouts, everybody gets the homework done and if you have questions and you get stuck, the coaches there to say here's how you make this really relevant for you. Or if you're like, Dang it, I didn't get my homework done to Mars a day, well, you're not showing up tomorrow.

If nineteen other people got their homework done, you don't want to be the only dudes in there that it works. People transform faster in community than to do one on one, and it's so cool to watch that and get to be part of that. I don't think, Michael, I don't think for a minute that I am the most important person in my master minds that I lead. I am absolutely convinced that it's the people that I select to be in that group. We carefully select those people, and those people the ones who bring the value for each other. I get to be there and facilitate, but oh my gosh, the these people in these groups, they they give to each other, they support each other and they change those lives way more than I do. Yeah, yeah, they're in there. In lies the key because if it's all about you, you're spoon feeding. When you're that servant leader in you're watching that community come together. Those are transformative relationships that last for when you when you're talking about the coach and the team in the timeline of the transformation, I thought as football teams, professional football team guys, for first first out all the of the year, first practice of the year. Okay, I'm the coach, you're the players. Or timelines, the season and the transformation super bowl. That's it. The other thing you threw in there that I want to pack just a bit on masterminds. You had one that was a year long, quarterly, right, that you went to in person, but the same time you said your first one was twelve weeks long. Yeah, it there is no set time on don't you know, Estermar, what are you trying to do? Right? So let's talk about that real quick and then we're gonna to wrap this up, unfortunately, because we, I'm this, we got about built for a long time. Absolutely. Yeah, so it's super straightforward and an effect on group. Coach nationcom. We have more information about timelines, because it's important for you to understand what your timeline should be leading your own mastermind. So you just simply want to understand. Okay, there's two parts this. How long do I think it will take me, the coach, to get you, the student, from where you are now to where you want to go? So, let's say you're teaching someone to be able to sell financial products. Will keep using that or build their own dry cleaning business or whatever? Right, is it take three months to take six months? How fast can you get somebody transmission in one they run it now. They want it fast. Why I take longer. Okay, that's one time lenth. Say takes six months. You know will if if the market you're working and has been so beat down and they're like we tried everything, it's going to take years for us to build this business, there's no way it'll take six months, then you you might not be able to sell a sixmonth solution because it's unbelievable to someone who's that discourage the market. You can, however, sell them a yearlong process and you can overdeliver and surprise them with their success in six months and continued support for the next six months. So somewhere between your markets feeling of how long it should take and your understanding of the reality is the right length of a mastermind. Bottom line is you just want to bring transformation to people as fast as you can. They want to win, so let him go. That's awesome. That's awesome and I love the community aspect because, as you know, being an entrepreneur is a very lonely sport. We need community and I get in my mastermind groups. I get it through the group coaching, the online the emails back and forth. I'm using Marco Polo now with different people from those groups, just to connect, because not everybody gets us as entrepreneurs. That's okay, but you can build a group or being a group of entrepreneurs in a mastermind group like this and bring transformation to yourself, to others and just having a wonderful time. When you when you here's my contention, when you involved yourself in the right kind of mastermind group, you will probably never not be in a mastermind group. I will never go back to Oneon I will never be a student of a one on one consultant again.

I've learned that. For me, I grow and change faster when I am a member of a mastermind led by someone who's got good inside. Absolutely absolutely, and Chris Williams, you definitely have good insight. So, man, I wish, I wish we had longer and maybe we'll come back and and unpack some more things, but group coach Nationcom is where you can learn about Chris and how he can help you take your knowledge in an in really deliver it to others who are hungry for it. And you paid for it multiply. You're in come to live the life that you really want to live, but do it in a way that you're really transforming people lies. It really is possible. It's not that hard. I mean it's not just some purple pill that you take it. I mean there's work, but Chris is laid out a stepway, step plans that if you get any inclination at all about learning about mastermn groups, about leading your own coaching master my group group, coach Nationcom is the place to go, Chris Williams. Thank you, my friend. It is. It has been unbelievable, just another voice conversation with you, Michael. Great to be here and great to be with all you other folks here. It's just super cool to hang out with people who are experts and know how, like Michael, know how to get that expertise out to the world so you can use it and benefit from it. You guys are all amazing experts. It would be a shame if the world did not learn and grow from all the work you've put in. It doesn't stop with you. Be that conduit, that that river of knowledge and wisdom flowing to other people. That's why Michael writes books for you guys. That's why we teach master minds pass it on the people around you desperately need it. Great words. I appreciate it, Chris. We will talk to you again soon, my friend. Take care. Thanks for listening to experts speak with Michael deloan. If what you've heard today was helpful to you, reach out to our expert guest and see how they can serve you to bring you more success, freedom and purpose in your life.

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