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How to find Referral Partners on LinkedIn (with Daniel Alfon)


Are you using LinkedIn most effectively? Daniel Alfon approaches LinkedIn for business owners in a unique way. Instead of going to prospects, which isn't wrong, Daniel find greater success in teaching business owners how to use LinkedIn to find a referral partners who can then send them multiple clients. Daniel offers multiple resources at his website and can help you walk through the process of using LinkedIn more effectively for your business.

Welcome to the experts speak podcast with Michael de Lan. Each episode features a leading expert who shares helpful insides, practical tips and memorable stories that will inspire you, educate you and help you enjoy more success, freedom and purpose in your life. For the next few minutes, enjoy listening to experts speak with Michael de Lan. And welcome to another episode of experts speak. I'm Michael De Lan and today I'm talking with a Daniel Alfon. Daniel is a what they know firs. Thanks for taking some time to be with me. Thank her ay much. I'm very glad to be part of the expert speak my whole well it's going it's going to be a fun conversation. Daniel helps business owners use linkedin in a really unique way, which is why I wanted him on this program it's he helps you really find referral partners more so than just going after one on one, and we're going to talk more about that. But Daniel, tell us a little bit as we get started. I mean, what's your background? How did you get to do what you do today with pleasure? Michael, I became involved with Linkedin when I opened my account early in two thousand and four and Linkedin help me save my first quote a caring job in two thousand and six, when he showed me the name of the person I could reach out to. And at one point I decided I need to dive into this. And it's a growing platform and has over eight hundred million users world wide and since you he'd record hundreds of people have join linkedin each second, Michael, to people sign up. Wow, that's crazy. That's crazy when you start throwing out numbers like that. It's a massive people. How do you ever find the ones you're looking for? And I know you help business owners find partnerships on Linkedin. How do you developing relationships with partners, referral partners, people who can can help you really grow your business and take it to the next level? Right, let's talk a little bit about how you help business owners use linkedin pleasure. So if we are focusing on professional service providers, they could be financial advisors, they could be real estate agents, they could be attorneys, then the usual approach they would have on Linkedin is to target the end user. So if I'm an attorney or a realtor, I would try to show the listing or show why I'm a good solution for someone who needs to to draft a contract or things like that, but it's not very effective, as you know. My cold and different approach would be to simply think of ways you could find partners using linkedin. So if you're a real a realtor, partnering with attorneys in cases of divorce or inheritance could bring you much more than a one time buyer or run one time seller, and developing those kinds of relationship and ship can grow your business in within months. And if you keep that, that relationship meaningful, you could grow your business and those attorneys or those partners could end up helping you grow your business by millions. It's not. It's off complicated. You simply have to shift your your way of thinking. Yeah, well, and you said a word there. That's really important in its relationship and I think too many times, whether it's Linkedin or any other social platform doesn't matter. We use it as a transactional platform versus a relationship building platform. Right, let's talk about that in the importance of using it. How do you use Linkedin as a relationship platform? What are some what are some some best practices? Maybe, if things to do or not to do when you're trying to reach out and build these these centers of influence, these referral partners the pleasure. So the worst thing to do would be to hit connect and then pitch... with something you don't need. And that's, I'm afraid, practice that many linkedin users have and it's not it's not productive. If it, if you gets you point three percent of replies. You've ruined the reputation of of your business by trying to do something like that. So what could be done is developing an honest system where the connection request or accepting the convict, the cold action, is either the beginning of a meaningful relationship or the end of a meaningful relationship. Why do I mean by that and why is that important? If it's the beginning, then use you start by asked, by visiting that person's profile and really understanding what it is they do and in many cases you could help them. You could help them by asking a simple question or going to the website and seeing that something is broken or something could be changed. And and just like in real life, you wouldn't ask someone you've just met, you know, to go the whole way with you. You need to build that trust and Linkedin. Has Not Change in social have has not change the way we wired. We need to trust you before we give you anything. That that's part of our or business. If you decide that the connection is the end of a process, then once you get to know that person, that is the time you would send them the invitation request and they would hit accept immediately because they recognize Michael Delon with the person they've that has helped them build their authority. So even the timing is important, because when I say that you just connected with with someone and I could ask you about them, then they're all sorts of answers. Okay, the best answers would be I've I've worked with that person and I think you could work with him, because with her, because they were great at providing this sort of service. Babe, a financial advisor or maybe something else. And the worst possible answer is I don't really know that person. So mind you haven't said anything negative about them, but you're not able to help getting referrals or anything positive from that suit. Build a system. Either the connection starts and then relationship or you have a really even reply to those to that invitation and after two or three emails, try to schedule a quick zoom call and see if you could help that person. And when he helped enough people, they would reach out to use help, suggesting things that can help you grow your own business. Yeah, and that's good. That's a I was in am a networking group years and years ago called B and I, and their whole philosophy is givers gain, and that's really what you're talking about there, is helping people, because you know, go to your somebody's profile, you read it, you go to the website. It's not unusual to find something on the website, their profile that is misspelled, broken, a link ors on it. Everybody wants to know that. And that's a great way just to La new. Hey Daniels, on your on your profile. Did you know that that links not working? Maybe it's my browser, but you should check it out anyway. Hope that help. Who Does that? And the thing is you've already spend the time visiting that person's profile or going to the website. So and you noticed. In some cases, you simply know that that a Li link was broken, a something was another working there. So reaching out to that person, we take you three seconds, Forty five seconds and you forget about it and some of them will reply and then you can start building that relationship. You don't do that in a transactional way, like you said, but if you do enough of those and some of some of those people will try to start building a meaningful relationship with you in the long run. Right, right, and it's really much better. But I'd love for you to time, and here's my philosophy. It is much better to have fifty, two, hundred and seventy great relationships with people in different industries than it is... have seven thousand or eight thousand connections you really don't know who you are, because you're going to get more business, you're going to have more impact by reaching a smaller audience, in really being true who you are. That fair. That's so important. I was listening to an earlier episode we wi you were discussed vanity metrics, and vanity metrics is something that makes a lot of business owners, or a small, medium size the business owners, look at Linkedin and try that thing that they need to get to some linkedin metrics like a gazillion connections or views or likes, whatever. And when you ask them, okay, how is that translated into your bottom line. They look at you and they said, don't really know, Michael, and and you know that's doesn't make sense, because the metrics that matter to you or to your audience are real life metrics and Linkedin is great in the top of the funnel. The transaction, like you said, is likely to happen elsewhere and the the way to use linkedin in terms of content is to provide content that is valuable, evergreen and educational that would make people who read this, your ideal client, understand they need to learn more about for financial advisor is ask yourself what questions are my ideal clients struggling with? Or, if you're realtor, you ask yourself what questions are might deal client struggling with, and that's suggest a very quick thing here. If you're a realtor and nine percent of your business is carrying to individuals and just ten percent of your businesses around office space in in in little little rock or elsewhere, then actually showing that those ten percent on linkedin would make a lot of sense. So companies relocating to our con so companies that are could be interesting, interesting for you, would are lot likely to use linkedin in that way. And that doesn't prevent you, Michael, from from keep helping other people buy their homes or sell the condos. But on Linkedin it doesn't make sense. You go to for you don't use Linkedin to find a real tour but you could use linkedin to find be to be office space or turneys or referrals. Right, yeah, there are so many uses for it. SOT's. Let's boil this down. Let's talk about entrepreneurs. They're small business owners. Let's say it's a on a turn air financial advisor, just one of those two. They're either all by themselves or they might might have an assistant. Maybe. What's the best way for them to start down a process of building relationships, trying to find those centers of influence, because it can get overwhelming and they've got to be producing revenue. So so many times business turns are I love to do, but I just don't have time. What would be some simple one or two or three steps that they could do on a weekly basis? How often do you need to be engaging on all these things? Give us some some practical takeaways here that sure, I think the consistency is key, but you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of time on linkedin. So let's say that fifteen minutes a week. If you can't find fifteen minutes a week, then it's better probably to do something else. But if you can, then fifteen minutes a week on a regular basis, give for at least three months, may bring you more results than you know. Ten hours one we can forget about it for two months and then surfacing back. So consistency is key. Simply ask yourself what is the minimal amount of time I can really commit to going ahead? At least one quarter. If that's ten minutes, it's fine. That's it. That's fifteen minutes. It's fine. When you go to Linkedin...

...and you go to the notification section and it would show you if you have, you know, hundreds of connections or thousands of connections, it would show you you maybe three or four people with whom you connecting in the past and something happened in their lives. They may have updated their profiles saying that they started a new position or their birthday may have come up, and those are two simple ways to reconnect with people. You don't have to work harder. It can work smart because reconnecting with existing relationships of yours a lot easier and much less time consuming than trying to go cold with someone that has never worked with you. And that's another reason why ten minutes a wee could work, because if you do it once every three months, then it doesn't make sense to wish you happy birthday in October when your birthday was in July, right. It doesn't make sense. Yeah, and another thing you could do is ask yourself, is there any education content that's on my website now that I could use? And if you don't have to produce content for Linkedin, but it's it is advisable to find a content that that is educational top of funnel and share it on Linkedin, not necessarily only to your feed, but sometimes it makes more sense to go to specialized groups. So thinking, think about your ideal clients and ask yourself what groups would they join? Is it a local group? is of US their industry and Industry Group is something else, and by posting that content in that group, you stand out because in some cases, Michael, your connections are not exactly your audience. Yes, and she only she share, you know, five times the week, and they become harassed and they no longer see the content we were real sharing. So leave them aside and try to go for the people that matter to you or prospects or you refro partnerers or your mavering's, whatever way you'd like to co it. Yeah, and that's good. That's something that we've done is we have a piece of content, with lots of content, but one of the microtraining that we've done in the past and it lives on a website now, and a lot of times will reach out to somebody and and begin a conversation but lead with that almost within the second or thirty must say, Hey, Daniel, here's a short training we did on, you know, gifting or a short train we did. No, often, just go check it out. I hope it's helpful. Has Been Really, really helpful to our clients. Go check it out and it's a safe way for them to go check us out, see who we are, see if there's any integrity there, and we don't. I don't follow up and say did you go watch the video with it's just out there right. I'm just trying to again position myself differently as somebody who's giving, who's serving. Obviously there's going to be that conversation of Hey Daniel, obviously you know we help clients, you know, Crete and publish the book. I think somebody of your nature should have a book if your thought about that and but but more conversational, very much like if you and I went out for tea or coffee. It's that kind of a feel behind how we build relationships. And some people say, yeah, I often thought about a book, but I don't know what to do. But tell me more. And now we're in a conversation. Great. Others are like, yeah, never thought about it all. You know, don't, don't right, that's okay. Here's my free content. Go check it out. Hope with hope it's helpful. It seems like a backwards approach, but it sure works better. I think it's a straightforward than in more logical approach. And by doing that, Michael, I love it, because what will happen is that something. In some cases the people you were helping are not too ready to go the next step, but it's not because of you. They need to sort something else and in if you were help them, you know, leading with value, than maybe they will reach out to you...

...six months down the road. Right, but by that time they're ready to take the next step and you're the only seller standing. That's right. Yeah, and it's Linkedin really is no different than direct male, than email and face. But it's all relationship. It's being the first person that your audience thinks of and feels the best about when they are ready to take that next step. And by the time they book a call, they have probably done a lot of research that you know nothing about. They've been all over your linked and all of your facebook, all over your website day they now they're ready and you think it's all because of your linkedin strategy. Well, that was part of it, but it's how are you approaching versus? If I connect with you and say, Hey, Daniel, heard let me, let me tell you about this. whisband it away. So it's again. It's like you said, are it's not hard, this is not rocket science. This is basic human interaction on what could be a global scale. How could I mean linked when I think linked in? And you were you were thrown out some numbers. I mean it's global, right, a few million people. Are you on it? What about a local financial advisor? MMM, how can they use linkedin in a local mark at? Let's say everybody you know within fifty mile that they just want to go fifty miles from their location. Is that still a great way to do it? Are there ways for them to use linkedin? Well, the best kept secreting town is advanced searches on Linkedin, because you could type your metro area and you could look for a specific professions fifty miles around both of Massachusetts or on San Francisco Bay, whatever works for you, and by entering keywords and refining the location you the Switt spot is getting to anything from say, two hundred, two eight hundred results and when you look at them you say yes, those represent exactly my deal client in terms of geography, but also in terms of positions, seniority and other keywords. If you have more than that, you can probably try to use more keywords. And if you have only twenty, did and they look great, it's fine, but you're probably leaving a lot of money on the table. So try to go for hundreds and and then what you could do based on your connection strategy, hoping you have one. You can also focus on the second level, degrees, and that means you share a mutual connections with those people and the best way to do it, obviously, Michael, is to live Linkedin, because if we were having that tea and I would tell you about someone interesting, then you would not go to Linkedin and send me a message, you would simply ask you, ask me, would you feel comfortable making me troduction, because that sounds like an interesting prospect and I think having that conversation off linkedin makes a lot of sense. As much as I love Linkedin, Linkedin has provided us with the name of the prospect and your name. You're the most important person there because you're the mutual connection. If any fine know you. That enables me to you, to communicate with you and ask how you've been and then, at one point say I've noticed, I'm look, I was looking at that specific area and I was I noticed that you will connected with Jane do during the represents someone I would like to speak with. Do you know who well enough to make the introduction? And guess what, if they say yes, that means your you get the attention. The attention thanks to your name, could be the attention is thanks to the person that has made introduction, and that could bring you significant business in the long term. Yes, yeah, and and another great way to get referrals is actually to turn that formula upside down and to give referral.

So you go to those connections and you look at their profiles and you think, who do I know? That might be a good connection for Daniel, and then you do some research and then you just reach out and say, Daniel, I think you need to talk to John, and John, here's Daniel and here's what he does. I think the two of you should at least talk. I don't know if you'll ever do any business, but you need to make that connection because I think the two of you could really do some really cool things. Again, I'm just going to leave it at that and you guys go take care of it right, and then I'm off. What that take thirty seconds. It took a little bit of thought, but it's that whole number one. It should come out of a heart of service, but it's that law of reciprocity that if I do that a couple times for you, you're going to be sitting there goinge man, I like Michael's always connect. I who do I know? That Michael Right and then makes that conversation a little bit easier. But we should always be about giving and saying who do I know in my network that I can connect you with? I'm not saying they're going to be a client, I don't know, but they might know somebody who could be combat all right, it's really about building those connections in your own little network where people understand, and I tell people this day now in my sales conversations, just like dy don't, I want to do three things. I mean there I want to solve a problem you're having right now. If we can do that on the call, great, let's get it. Then, if I know somebody in my network who can help you and I can't, I want to connect you with that person, all right, because I might not be the right person. If I've got something I can help you with, I'll present it to you and we'll talk about if that's a good fit. But that's kind of what I want to do on ourselves called because I've got a network of people and I do something that's really unique and really value on really good. But it's not a good fit for everybody. So if I can take a prospect and say let's just get rid of all the barriers and walls, I'm here to help in one of three ways. How do I? It just brings it just makes everybody go, Oh, okay, well, let's talk. That's all I want to do anyway, because I'm not here that sell you anything. I'm here to see how I can help you, and sometimes it's by joining one of my programs and many times it's by me connecting you with somebody else. So it's that heart of service what you've been talking about this whole time, I think right. Yeah, I'd like to repeat the question you ask because it's a powerful question. Who Do I know that could help that person? And it's a very powerful question and in the truth is, when you get used to it, then you no longer need to scour out people or content, because they if I know that that's the question I'm asking, then the universe will show me content in people and experts, in articles. And if you your philosophy is one of abundance, then you can make those people succeed and some of them will get back to you and thank you and some of them will get back to you and try to help you out, and that means you only need to ask yourself but that question and shoot it out for them to decide whether that's a good connection and then your your gold. It's a very powerful question. Or get to go? That's right. So who can I? So ask me asking yourself. Who could I connect somebody with today? Now, Dan, you know what I'm as business owners are listening to their some of them are probably intrigue. How can they get ahold of you? What are some of the things? How do you help business owners? What? What are some that the programs are things that you do with business owners to help with them? The programs I have on my website that's done you oftencom include digital downloads and online courses. I know one one call. And very roughly we go from profile optimization, connection optimization, content optimization and lead generation, very roughly in that order, because every business owner is unique. But generally makes sense to start by optimizing your profile before you do anything else. And if you if your profile rocks, then we should go to the next stages. And I, like everyone, I like to to...

...recommend that people actually check out your own linkedin profile because they that could help them understand how to optimize their profile, not because they have to copy a Michael diloan's linked in profile, because what they will see the banner and the headline will make them stop and say hey, Michael doesn't say paperback experts, CEO, he says create your book without writing the Word Number One Amazon best selling author. Marketing Strategies. Could I do that? Could I tweak my headline so instead of saying ceosmb anonymous, it would say I help come, I help x achieve. Why? And reading profiles would help you understand the way you can treat and optimize your own profile. Go check out Michael Delong on Linkedins. Thank you. I appreciate that. I work long and hard on that one, but it's just it's another marketting tool. Write to it. It goes back to message. Everything that I talked to my clients, whether it's in your book or whether it's on an email or a web that are it's your message, just what you say that either attracts people or repels them. And if it's somebody comes to your linkedin profile and it's Blah and they're like, what do you do? They're gone. But if they come and it's intriguing now they're willing to stay and if you got content or whatever, are connect it's just one more piece of the whole puzzle. So we've got in the in the show notes. Daniel, I've got your website. It's Daniel Alphon Alfo in Daniel alphoncom. That's your website and you've got all kinds of great content there that people can go and just start working down the process and the pathway of using linked in, not only to reach individuals. You can do that, but Daniel's approach is really to help you reach those, those referral partners, and you do it all through relationship. And if you take nothing else out of this conversation, please take that. It is a relationship building platform and when you approach those relationships in the right way, and Daniel can help show you that way, your business is going to grow because you're going to have better relationships, you're going to have people out there referring you to other people, and that's really the best kind of business we want is based on referrals and most people just don't know how to do it. They don't understand how to create their profile properly, and you'll can help you do that. So reach out to Daniel Alphon at Daniel alphoncom. I love that, and see what he has of Daniel as we as we wrap a thing about one, you know, one simple step or take away or message you want our listeners to to just noodle on to think about. What is it, when they think about linked in for their business, that they need to have? As the big takeaway for today, I got you said that when you reach some one's profile, you can often find something that's that can be easily tweaked or improved, and the reason for that is that many business owners don't visit their own profile that way. So one quick takeaway that would take no longer than five minutes is to sit in front of someone who you're not connected with and asking to bring up your linkedin profile and ask him to tell you what they think when they see that. And if you see that either in a zoom call or next to them, sometimes you will say also so things and what you will hear is going to blow your mind out because you've written x and the message got distorted and what's important is not what we meant, is what people understand, and you thank them and you go back and you improve and Polish that message. Sometimes you see that there is no photo and you keep saying I have a photo, but if they don't see the photo doesn't count. So we're not the one that counts, are the people who visit our profile and other cells. That's awesome. Visit your...

...own linkedin profile and have somebody they're telling you what they see, and I would say record it. Make sure you're recording that conversation so you can go back and fix it, because Linkedin is a powerful platform. A Daniel Alphon is an expert at using it and helping business owners use linked in to really build referral partners so that you can grow your business by building deeper relationship ships. That's what I appreciate about you, Daniel. Thank you for being here, thank you for being my guests. Daniel Alphoncom is where you'll find him and I hope you go and check them out to see how you can use linkedin more powerfully for your business. Thanks again for being with me, Daniel. I appreciate you. Hope you have a great rest of your day. It's great to be parts of the expert speak and please ask yourself who couldn't who can I introduce that person? Quote Michael Belong. Excellent. That's great. Take Care, datum. By bye bye. Thanks for listening to expert speak with Michael Delong. If what you've heard today was helpful to you. Reach out to our expert guest and see how they can serve you to bring you more success, freedom and purpose in your life.

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